Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Vacation

Our short Christmas vacation started with a visit to good old Uncle Dickey. Matthew's face courtesy of being taken away from my iPhone and forced into taking a nice family picture.
After the blur that was Christmas Eve, Christmas morning started out bright and early. Matthew went right for his humongous stocking.
Noah wanted only to escape the confines of the baby gate.
And even though he had his own piles of gifts to open...
...he insisted on getting all up in his brother's business. Once we were able to distract Noah, Matthew was able to open some of his gifts in peace.
And when everything was unwrapped, everyone seemed happy with their haul.
After taking showers and getting dressed, there was time for a quick game of Hungry Hungry Hippo.
Then it was off to grandma's house, where apparently Santa also made a stop.
Matthew made out quite well.
As did Noah Bear.
Of course there was still time for some iPhone fun (Matt is quite the multi-tasker).
And we end this post with yet another forced family picture.
Now it's back to work, back to our "normal" routine. Bah humbug!!


Sippy Cup Mom said...

Bat Cave!!

Looks like such a great Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Cole said...

Whoa, that stocking is crazy! Glad you guys had a nice holiday :)

Jennifer said...

I will say your boys did make out pretty good...lol. They should have enough to keep them busy all winter :)

Kayla said...

love their little shirts!

The Mom Pledge said...

Being able to see Christmas through the eyes of a child is a beautiful thing. I enjoyed it so much this year with our 3yo daughter. :)

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