Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sharing is Caring

Oh, hi mom. I'll be right over.
Hey, what's Matthew doing? this is the famous iPad I've been hearing about.
Hey bro, can I try it out?
No, well I'll just bust through and do what I want anyway.
That's where the pictures end. The rest of the story goes something like this...

And then Matthew started to yell at Noah for touching the iPad, Noah threw a fit because I took him away from the iPad, and I decided that it was bath time and then I put them in bed and used the iPad myself.

The iEnd.


Stephanie Doyle said...

Haha. It's amazing how kid friendly the iPads are! My little guy uses it more than I do now! :)

Jennifer said...

LOL!! I love your narration...too funny :)