Friday, December 2, 2011

Deck the Halls

Our decorating has begun. We have about 99% of the outside lights up.
We still need to make a few finishing touches, but things are looking good.
Our tree is up. Matthew was quite excited to put up the ornaments this year.
And while "gentle" isn't a word usually used to describe Matthew, he made sure to be VERY careful putting the ornaments on. So much so that I had to follow his every move and push the ornaments on each branch so that they didn't fall off.
While he pondered the exact places to put up his favorites...Noah came sniffing around.
He here is giving me the "Hey mom, I was so NOT going to touch anything" look.
Noah was quite nosy.
And he directed Matthew as to the best places to put the ornaments - you know, within arm's reach.
So when Matthew turned his back, I moved all the ornaments up a branch or two.
We have a few new ones this year.
And while there are a million pins on Pinterest on how to take a good picture of your tree, I obviously did not get the memo. But, good enough for now.
More to come!


Fire Wife said...

Looks good! I really like your new family ornament. What a cute idea!

Kayla said...

wow! we try and pick a special ornament each year. love the tree!

Jennifer said...

Isn't crazy how much time and effort goes into decorating for XMas?? LOL! I feel like it takes forever. Gotta love how we all let our kids help decorate and then move the ornaments when they are not! Love your new ornament with all of your names.

Mama Hen said...

You are doing so wonderful with all the decorations! The pictures are great! I love the family ornament with your names on it. I hope you have a great week!

Mama Hen

Jessica said...

Your tree is gorgeous! I wish I had enough room (and a non-nosy cat) for a big tree. We got a 2 foot tree and put it on top of our entertainment center, lol!

Carrie with Children said...

Your tree is beautiful! I love it! This was the first year Maggie was interested in helping and we had such a fun time decorating - looks like your boys did too!

jmerenberg said...

Aww Noah looked so into it! Love the Perry ornament! And of course the Arc!