Saturday, July 30, 2011


That was our total today. We scored some pretty neat vintage toys this trip.

The first one is a Sesame Street Farm set. We paid $5. It's listed on a few collectible sites for $25 and up.
We're missing a few pieces (from what I can tell on the collectible sites) but we have just enough to make Ish happy.
At that same sale, we paid $2 for a pack of trucks (which included a Mater) and $2 for a bag of magnetic Dora cars. Not vintage by any means, but Ish loves anything with wheels.
The real vintage score of the weekend is this Fisher Price Children's Hospital (circa 1976). It's listed online for $40 and up depending on the condition. We paid $2.50.
It's in great condition considering it's from 76 and has been played with.
We're missing a few pieces, but what we have is pretty neat.
And it looks like we have all the original people that came with the set.
Nothing for mommy or daddy on this outing, but I'm really enjoying watching Matthew play with these "old" toys like they're brand new!


Sippy Cup Mom said...

Whoa! They look like they are in great condition!

Sarah said...

These pics are the perfect reminder of why kids and water are often an awesome combination! they look blissed out and so happy!

Jennifer said...

Another score!! I love that hospital set...reminds me of when we were kids. I am sure Ish is going to have lots of hours of fun with his new toys!