Monday, July 18, 2011

Catch & Release

It was 88 in the shade yesterday. Hot. And humid.
So we started our day at the mall so that Matt could get his haircut.
Everyday I'm thankful for the dollar store for these little distractions.
Noah doesn't really need any more distraction than the constant movement of the Sit & Stand.
When we got home I promised Ish we could play "the fishy game" outside.
It's just an old school rod and magnet with little magnetic fishes to catch that I found on E-Bay.
Ish thinks it's the best invention in the world. Oh, and that's a visitor's badge on his shirt from the veteran's home where we visited Uncle Dickie earlier. They have a HUGE fish tank there - which really put Ish in the mood for some backyard fishing.
It was so hot (even in the shade) that at one point Ish sat next to me on the storage bench to continue his fun.
Ish is not one to sit down willingly - that should tell you just how hot it was.
And even though the skies were clear and the air was hot and the forecast calls for a scorching week ahead...
...we know winter will be here before we know it! And we're prepared. Well, our fireplace is prepared anyway.


Cole said...

This heat wave has been brutal! Love the Mets hat :)

Jennifer said...

OMG...the heat has me exhausted!! I know we all couldn't wait for summer, but this is hot, too hot!! My kids just got a fishing game like that and they love it. So simple yet so entertaining!!