Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Water Fun

Since it was hot but bearable this weekend, we busted out the water toys for Matthew to play with.

Matt put them together and Matthew waited patiently for him to hook up the hose to put in the water.
Noah also waited quite patiently.
Matthew waited...
...and waited...
Then after what seemed like an eternity (but in reality was only about 5 minutes), it was game time!
Matthew is really into pirates lately and he LOVED this water table.
He kept saying "We're going to Pirate Island" - which I think is from Jake and The Neverland Pirates.
He had a blast with all the little toys the table came with.
Noah was excited to see Matthew having so much fun. He looked like he wanted to join in!
We also set up this little play sink for Matthew as well. He kept asking to wash his hands.
And to complete the trilogy of water tables, Matt rigged up this water-park-slide-rapids-thingie that we picked up at Once Upon A Child a few weeks ago.
Noah watched intently as Matthew bounced around.
From water toy... water toy... water toy.
Then he got bored, sat back and chewed on his hands until we went back inside.
And that about sums up our weekend!


Cole said...

That pirate ship is awesome - Daddy seriously considered buying me one until Mommy reminded him that we live in a condo with no yard and our "deck" is about 2 feet squared, and directly above our neighbors.'

Mrs E said...

what cool water toys!
he mustve been in water play heaven

Kayla said...

i love that ship! those boys are getting so big!

Jennifer said...

Ah....water is what you need these days. Seems like the heat is really getting unbearable. Glad fun was had by all :)

trooppetrie said...

water time is exactly what we need today. I love the pirate ship

JessicasCoupons said...

Thanks so much for hop, skip, and jumping! I am already a follower of your fantastic blog. :)

Love the Pirate Ship- my boys have one of those and it has been a big hit this Summer. :)

Have a great day!