Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday's Score

We hit up a few sales today after a family trip to the chiropractor. It's hot out and I guess a lot of people are on vacation because there weren't many tag sales today - but we were still able to score some good deals!

Score one for Ish is this little Playmobile Pirate set. Matthew is very into pirates right now (due to Jake and his pals on Disney). This retails for about $12 - we got it for $1! I think it'll be a nice take and go piece.
This was our biggest score of the day - a brand new, in the box Little Einsteins Transform and Go Rocket. This is pretty neat - you program the rocket to go in any which way you want (forward, backward, in a circle, figure 8, etc). Very cool - Matthew loves it. We paid $8 - I could not find this any cheaper than $49 on the net.
We picked up these Matchbox tracks for $5 - the starter sets of these tracks are in the $20-30 range, so this bag full was a good deal. Matthew loves to build tracks lately for his trains and cars, so he'll have fun with these.
Matthew is also very into Veggie Tales lately. Not sure how that started, but they're bible-based stories so I'm glad he likes them. These puzzles were $1 a piece.
That same tag sale also had Veggie Tale dvds for $2 a piece - we picked up 4 (Matthew took one with him to watch before I snapped my pictures!).
Matthew saw these and had to have them - he has no idea how to play the game, he just thinks they're blocks to play with. For $1, we humored him.
Matt also scored at the sales today - he got a bunch of tool stuff. I have no idea what all this is, but Matt knows his prices and he was quite happy with his haul too!


Cole said...

Whoa, what a haul! We don't have great garage sales near us :(

Mama Hen said...

You always get the best deals! I hope you are doing great my friend! Stay cool! Have a great day!

Mama Hen

Jennifer said...

You really did score!! That Little Einsteins toy is awesome...we have it and for $8 you are really going to love it! LOL!