Friday, July 8, 2011

The Big Boy Room

While Ish was at Camp Grandma & Grandpa for a few days, Matt and I transformed his "baby" room to a real big boy room.

Welcome to Ish's world!
We bought Matthew's furniture from Ikea last weekend and Matt spent many hours putting it together. The footprint is the same as his nursery furniture but there is so much more storage. Half of these drawers are empty!!
We went a little crazy with the wall decals - but you have no idea how happy they make Matthew.
Especially "the biggest Buzz Lightyear EVER!" that also glows in the dark.
As for toy storage - I re-purposed some of the Ikea storage bins he had in the room already and we have 2 sets of actual toy bins. He doesn't have a lot of toys in his room right now, but as he gets older and more independent, I'm sure he'll transfer some things up there.
My parents bought him this little Cars art desk from The Christmas Tree Shop (Matthew's favorite store!).
When we showed him his new room for the first time he didn't know where to look/go to first. He gets so excited every night to point out all the characters on his walls. And he's so proud to be in his big boy bed in his big boy room.

As for the nursery for Noah...let's just say it's a work in progress!!


Stephanie Doyle said...

Very cute! I bet he LOVES it!!!

Sippy Cup Mom said...

It looks fantastic!

Jennifer said... looks great. There is so much storage..I am jealous :) As long as the wall decals make him happy, that is all that matters!! And that desk is great..I must have missed that one at the XMas Tree Shops :)

Mrs E said...

I need to go to tag sales with you!!!