Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow Days

You see the brown "bar" in this picture?
That brown bar is actually the top of our deck off our kitchen. There's about 3 feet of snow out there. There's no where for it to go. And more is coming this week. Fun times here in NY.

Good news is I've discovered a new way to keep Ish occupied on days when we can't get in the car and get out for a bit. Dollar Store paint brushes and paint with water books. Cheap, easy and hours of fun!
Ish refers to it as his "special paintings" and takes his art very seriously.
He pretty much soaks the papers - dipping his brush after every stroke.
And he's so proud of every masterpiece he creates.
And masterpieces they are.


Jennifer said...

Aren't you getting a serious case of winter blue's?? I know I am :) Great idea for keeping Ish busy...I may have to check those out next time I am at Dollar Tree.

Kayla said...

Ish is such a great artist!

Cole said...

I've never heard of paint with water, but Mommy will *definitely* be looking for this at the dollar store - that looks like so much fun!

Also, I'm right there with you - enough with the snow already!

Mama Hen said...

My yard looks the same! My plow guy did not come and I shoveled my driveway myself. It was a lot! The water painting is great! I hope you are doing well. Have a good night!

Mama Hen

Kristina Ruth said...

Wow! That is Awesome! I live in Lake Tahoe, California. So totally understand feet of snow rather than inches. We have been dry the last 3 weeks. But, storms are a brewing up for us next week I hope.

Your son is adorable. Looks like fun. Maybe I should try water color paints instead of paint, paint!

Amy said...

Just found you through Mama's Little Nestwork and I wanted to say thank you for reminding me about Paint with Water coloring books! Used to do those all the time when I was a kid but I'd completely forgotten about them til about 15 seconds ago. I'm sure my son will get a kick out of them, so thanks from him as well :-)