Sunday, January 9, 2011


About 6 months or so ago if you showed Ish a sticker he would run screaming and crying from the room. Seriously. There was lots of drama. Something about the stickiness did not appeal to the young Ish. But he's grown - he's matured. And now, stickers are the best thing ever!

He's very careful when peeling.
On the tough ones, he asks for help.
But for the most part, he's independent. Actually takes his time. Placing the stickers in his sticker book (also known as a plain old 1-subject notebook).
Every once in a while he stops to admire his work.
And then he continues on.
The new found love for stickers is good for me too. Cheaper bribery.


HarmSkills said...

do you shop at trader joes? htey give you stickers there for free! we have fun all day sticking them on our shirts! I think it might be time for a "sticker" book soon! lOve it!

Maxabella said...

I remember when Max went through a mad sticker phase. He stickered for hours on end... I miss that phase! x

Mandy said...

So cute. :) My boys love stickers too and we have the same "sticker books".

Mrs E said...

wow great idea!
Connor loves stickers -- yet, I'd never thought of giving him a book to "do stickers" with --

Will try it!

Jennifer said...

Love it. Takes me back to when we were kids and we had our 'sticker books.' You never see kids playing with stickers anymore. Ish is having some good 'ol fun!

Mama Hen said...

So cute! Sticker books are great when you go out to eat and you need something to entertain Ish. Get ready for the snow! Have a fun!

Mama Hen

Kerry McCullough said...

That's so funny- I've never heard of a kid running from stickers. Thank goodness he came around ;)