Monday, January 17, 2011

The Big Boy Room

With potty training going okay (I don't expect miracles from the boy!), and with Noah's arrival only a few short months away, I've been thinking about what to do about Ish's big boy room. I don't want to hit him with a bunch of change at once (we all know this boy is a craves routine), but I do want to make small changes over the next few months.

One change is moving him from his crib (which we will use for Noah) into his big boy bed. We already have the bed - a Cars toddler bed we scored at a tag sale in almost new condition. It's sitting in our office, waiting to be used. Ish knows it's there - he's seen it. He seems excited about it. Of course we'll have to do a lot of nailing-furniture-to-the-walls work before we implement the move.

I bought Toy Story wall decals on sale at Target a few weeks ago to replace the "babyish" Pooh decals on his walls now. I haven't shown them to him yet because I know he'll lose his mind! I'm hoping these will help him with his transition to his bed.
We'll keep the nursery furniture he has in his room for the time being because eventually I want to move Ish and Noah into the same room and would love to make a big deal to both of them about picking out furniture for their shared room. One thing I picked out already (and hope that it's still around in a few years - you hear that Bob's Discount Furniture!!!!) is this awesome bunk bed. The stairs even have storage space and you know I'm all about storage space!

I'm scared of change too - so , I think the next few months will be tough for me and Ish. Thank goodness Matt handles change well! I'll keep you posted!


Miranda said...

Good luck with the move! Maybe by the time I'm at that stage you'll have plenty of words of wisdom to pass down to me ;). That bunk bed you have pictured looks awesome!

Cole said...

That bunk bed is crazy awesome! Good luck with the transition - Mommy thinks she will keep me in my crib until I am about 23 to avoid any sort of disturbance to my already disturbed sleep.

Mama Hen said...

The bunk bed is so cool! My daughter did well with the transition. It takes time, but I included her arranging things and she was excited. Get ready for more snow!

Mama Hen

Jennifer said...

Change is good. Especially when it is for a new baby!! Ish is going to need some adjusting time, but he will be great. Christopher was just 3 when I had Anthony and it worked out good. There was a 'few weeks' for transition and acting out, but then it was over. I think Ish will be excited for his new bed. You are doing a great job by making little changes at once :)

Kayla said...

Potato loves his big boy bed and been there for a while now. We did not have problems with him getting out of bed. The potty training is a different story. Its been placed on hold since we moved him to a better daycare. All the change!