Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday - Potholes: I haz them

This morning I spent about an extra hour on the Taconic Parkway in bumper-to-bumper traffic because there was what the news called a "super duper pothole" by one of the exits that was causing major damage to unsuspecting cars. I abandoned the highway about 3 exits before my usual and made my way through the back roads to work. I think the pothole on the highway looked something like this:

Of course that's not my only pothole issue - which brings me to today's wish. I want my town to come out and fill in the crater in front of my house that has sprung open since the storm last week. Every year the same spot opens up and creates chaos (especially since we carry so much extra traffic on the road due to the school next door). Every year the highway department comes by and tells us there is no money in the budget to make a permanent fix and the best they can do is throw in some blacktop to even out the surface. And even though I pay an INSANE amount in taxes, that's all I am asking of them right now - just give me a quick fix.

Seriously, if the town doesn't get to it soon, this is what will happen to my car when I try to get into my driveway:

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Kayla said...

good lord! so funny and not at the same time!