Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This used to be easier

We have an awesome chair in our family room from Pottery Barn - called a Chair and a Half. You could easily fit two people on this thing. I love it! When Ish was first born I used it to prop him up and take pictures of him on it. He was so cute and cooperative back then. See, here's proof - young Ish at 8 weeks old - isn't he cute???
Here's a less cute version at 18 months. While he gladly accepts the invitation to sit in the chair, he doesn't really want to just sit.
I don't know what he was attempting to do here.
Something caught his eye on tv in this shot - he went immediately to couch potato position.
This is the best I could do. He's not looking at the camera, one of his pants legs is riding up and I couldn't get him to hand me the puzzle pieces for anything - but yet, he's still so stinkin' cute!!

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Kayla said...

Well don't give up!