Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Weekend It Didn't Snow

It didn't snow this weekend. And the temperature was above 50 degrees. So we wasted no time in getting outside! We headed north to an outdoor outlet mall that has some pretty nice play areas. We set Matthew loose to do his worst.
Even though he thinks he's a big boy, he still needs a little help now and then.
This was the coolest little treehouse.
There were tons of buttons for Matthew to press (he's into buttons).
There was a neat curvy slide.
And the old standby straight slide.
Of course Matthew couldn't resist playing in the mounds of snow (like we don't have this at home).
Matthew worked up quite an appetite with all the outdoor play, so we stopped at Applebee's for lunch. They had crayons. Matthew loves crayons.
Right after I took this picture I had to yell at him not to eat said crayons.
He actually listened to me and decided to color the menu instead.
He here is totally uninterested in taking a picture with his father.
After lunch we took a walk around the outlets using Matthew's backpack leash. He did well.
I don't think he realized we were holding on to him - he just thought he was wearing a cool monkey backpack.
It was a long day - so we ended it by renting a car-stroller that kept young Ish entertained while we continued shopping.
I hope next weekend's weather is a little warmer - we might venture to the school swings if it is!

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Kayla said...

Wow I am glad you finally got some beautiful weather. The Randolph's lived outside this weekend as well!