Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday - More Stuff for Ish

I got another catalog yesterday (must be the season!) - this one was from Sensational Beginnings. And while most of the kiddie catalogs I get are filled with the same stuff, this one had a few different things that I would like to get for Ish.

This is a combo water table/play mat sort of thing that I think Ish would love. He could push the boats around, splash in the water and generally make a big wet mess. This would be an outside toy of course.
This vacuum and dust buster actually work. I'm hoping it would cut down on the amount of vacuuming I have to do every week.
Ish's fascination with all things cars continues, so I think he would get a kick out of this - so simple, just wood and wheels, but it looks like fun!
And last, but certainly not least, how cool would it be to have a bouncy castle in our very own backyard!

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