Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday - Back to School

I finished my MBA about a month before Ish was born. I swore then and there that I was done with school. And I meant it. This week's wish is to go back to school. "What??" Crazy you say?? "Didn't she just say she was done with school??" - ah, but this is different. I want to go to school for fun - there's a difference! Not a structured take-these-courses-get-this-degree kind of thing, more of a "take whatever courses you think sound fun and don't worry about grades or testing" kind of thing.

The first class I would like to take: Photography 101. So that I can learn to use a camera like this:

That would lead me to class #2: Blog and Web Design 101 - so that I can design a cool template for this blog and learn how to do a lot of other cool web-designy things.

Now, all I need is the extra hours in the day and the extra money in my bank account to do it!


Jennifer said...

I'm looking for a photog class to take this summer

Matthew, Kayla, & Clayton aka Potato said...

Wow you seem like you have a lot of energy. Can I have some?