Friday, January 15, 2010

Cuter than it looks

We've got a new morning routine that has been working out quite nicely for us - we have Ish sit on the bench in the entry way and we put on his coat/hat. Ish has gotten used to it and sits like a good boy. Sometimes he sings - which is what he is doing in these pictures.

It's not a recognizable song by any means - just a bunch of "ning ning ning nings" - it requires him to scrunch up his face, giving us this look:
As he continues, we get this gem of a face:
Here he is taking a break from singing so that he can zip up daddy's sweatshirt - don't want daddy to get cold!
After zipping up daddy's shirt, he picks up where he left off:But you have to admit - the end result is quite cute!

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