Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Fun

We had a pretty productive weekend. On Saturday we hit up Bob's Discount Furniture to look at new couches (Matthew liked the big beds - he declared this king size bed the perfect size for him!).
Of course the best thing about Bob's is the unlimited free cookies, ice cream and candy.
We stopped at Cracker Barrel for a quick lunch afterwards.
Then it was home for some super hero playtime before church.
Sunday morning we made the trip to the Westchester for some new shoes. Noah is starting to really take notice of Matthew's antics lately, and it's as if he says to himself "What on earth is this kid doing??"
We made a wish before hitting the madness of the kid's shoe store. I'm sure my wish was vastly different from Matthew's.
We left the mall victorious - Noah got his first pair of kicks. Elmo (hence the red).
Sunday evening was my niece Ashley's 6th birthday party. Matthew wore his finest.
Of course, Matthew's best bud was there.
And she was ready to teach him some new moves courtesy of Kid Bopz for the Wii.
Noah was more interested in the food than the dancing.
Eventually all the kids came up for air and re-fueled.
I managed to wrangle them all up for a nice family shot (minus Noah - he's not one to be held, or still at all!).
We ended the night with some more dancing. And a Spider Man lollipop from the goody bag.
I also took some cute video this weekend - I'll share that later this week.

Happy Monday!


~Dawn~ said...

Looks like a great weekend :) I love Noah's new shoes!

Cole said...

We love to walk around the Westchester!