Thursday, March 8, 2012

Play Day

My mom had a doctor's appointment yesterday, so I stayed home with the boys for the day. It was unplanned, but everything worked out just fine (except for the whole "grandma has pink eye" thing).

The boys slept in till 7. Noah woke up and was ready to roll.
Matthew wanted to lounge about in his pjs for a bit.
Noah was excited to spend the day with this brother. Matthew, not so much. Although he loves Noah very much, sometimes he feels a little smothered by his little brother.
Even when he tries to escape to a tiny corner with his toy for a minute's peace - there's Noah Bear, right behind him.
Eventually Matthew gives up and just embraces the fact that Noah is not going to leave him alone.
And that he'll always be a step behind him no matter what he's doing.
But Matthew knows his job as a big brother is to serve and protect Noah Bear. And rat him out when he's doing something he's not supposed to be doing. Matthew likes to tell elaborate stories (complete with hand gestures) to let me know exactly what his little brother is up to.
At the end of the day, they had fun together. I hope one day they really can play together and enjoy each others company.
For now - I'll be the referee.


Cole said...

Love Matthew's shirt! Mommy hopes that I am as patient with Lulu when she gets more mobile...

~Dawn~ said...

I agree - Matthew's shirt is so fitting for this post.

Lillian is the same way with Alexa, always a step behind her. I always remind them that they are sisters forever, no matter what - so, deal with it. Ha!

Dumb Mom said...

#3 spends the majority of his day in his jammies. I'm thinking I should start making him sleep in his clothes.

Jennifer said...

Embrace this time now while Noah is not really bothering! Once Noah talks and they begin to out. But as much as they will fight they will always play nice and love eachother too!