Monday, March 26, 2012

A Springy Weekend

We had nice weather this weekend - which started on Friday when Matt and I decided to take the day off. Friday was "bare feet in the house" warm.
And since it has been so warm/hot recently, we went ahead and gave the boys buzz cuts.
Saturday we played - in the kitchen as usual.
We did venture downstairs at times. That's where Matthew discovered this empty bin. It was the hit if the weekend.
Noah of course had to try it out for himself too.
He wasn't as graceful as Matthew was trying to get into it.
And he was SO proud of himself when he did.
Seriously, Saturday was all about sitting in this bin.
Sunday was a bit cooler and rainy. Makes for lazy mornings in front of the tv.
Mare Mare came over later in the day to play.
Scooby puts them into a spell.
Sunday night we broke in our play set.
Matthew as we all know is a big fan of the swings.
At first Noah wasn't too sure...
...but he got into it.
And we ended the weekend like this.


~Dawn~ said...

I am squealing over little Noah's buzz cut. TOO CUTE! Looks like a great weekend. :) You may need to find more empty bins!

Mass Hole Mommy said...

Nice picture of your three "boys"