Friday, February 4, 2011

"We have to be quiet"

That's what Ish says when we walk into church every week. He doesn't always follow his own advice. But sometimes he surprises us.

One Sunday a month there's a special children's mass in the quiet room (you know, where they keep the noisy kids like Ish). A priest, one of the CCD teachers and a few little assistants come in and tell stories, teach songs, ask questions, etc. Ish has never done really well during the children's mass. He's a little young for it yet. But a few weeks ago as the kids piled in for the mass, Ish walked up to where the big kids were sitting and he sat there and listened.

He was still.

He was quiet.

He really seemed like he was listening to the stories.

I don't expect this every time, after all, he's still just a crazy little 2-year-old. But it was nice to sit there and watch him tilt his little head as he listened. And every once in a while he would look back to make sure me and Matt were still there. And of course, we were. We would smile at him and he would turn right back around. He acted like such a big boy that day. My little bubba.


Eschelle said...

that's pretty amazing how he'll sit so quietly.

Jennifer said...

Sometimes our little men can surprise us :) And the fact that he need re-assurance that you were there is too precious :)

Cole said...

Wow - Mommy can't wait for the day when I sit quietly for a few minutes; she's getting tired of all the chasing!

Kayla said...

Such a big boy!