Friday, February 11, 2011

Free Stuff Friday

Not a whole lot to share - things are slowing down in the freebie world (can it possibly be too cold for freebies??). Here are few things I've found lately that I thought I'd share:

20 Free Pampers Points for February (10 points each):

Not sure if this one is still valid, but try it out (it's 42 points!): VMF776C7HMXXT4A

Pampers has actually released a lot of free codes lately - which tend to expire quickly. I post them on Twitter as soon as I confirm they're real, so if you're a points stalker, follow me!

Free PediaSure rebate:

Johnson & Johnson coupons (just click on the product you want and a coupon will appear):

$1.00 off Nutella (mmmmmm....Nutella......):

Kellogg's coupons:

Valentine's Day coloring pages:

Free sample of Baby Exerderm (supposedly good for kids with eczema, like Ish, so I'm going to give it a try!):

Have a great weekend!


Cole said...

Ooh, thanks! I am a pampers points stalker :)

Mama Hen said...

The flash back Valentine's in the last post is so cute! This is great info Gina! I hope all is well. I am looking forward to spring and warmer temperatures. :) Have a great weekend!

Mama Hen

Mama Hen said...

I stopped by to say hi. Hope you are having agreat weekend my friend!

Mama Hen