Monday, February 28, 2011

The Ish List

Just a few things Ish is digging right now:


Dinosaurs. He's got a TON. Big ones, little ones, dinosaurs that make noises - he loves loves loves them.
Busy Books - he has the Toy Story version as well as a Cars and Thomas versions. They come with mini figurines and fold out play mats - the books live up to their name, keeps Ish busy!
Toy Story figurines. He has them all (plus some duplicates).

Ish loves his dvds (he calls them "his stories), and while the Toy Story series is #1 in his heart, he's starting to get into Scooby Doo (influenced from his idols - his older cousins). I picked up this dvd at the supermarket the other day and he is mesmerized!
Bath Time

These are Ish's "special tub crayons" (as I call them - to reinforce that these are only for the tub and we DO NOT draw on other surfaces of the house!)
Ikea funnels - cheap and good entertainment! Although, he only likes to use them with daddy. No funnel time for mommy.
Bed Time

Pillow Pals - he has Woody, Buzz and now a Bullseye. He talks to them at night - tells them the story of his day. He hugs them, throws them, carries them around. They really are buddies!
Twilight Turtle - every night when we are getting Ish ready for bed he tells us he wants to "press the buttons" - meaning he wants to turn on his turtle and play with the different light settings. He gets a kick out of seeing the colors on the ceiling. Helps him fall asleep - which works for me!
So what are your kiddies into these days?


{ℓovєfuℓℓys} said...

The Targets in our area ALWAYS have Scooby Doo movies for $5. They're on an end cap with a bunch of other movies, too. Just a thought.

robin said...

We also have that same Scooby DVD and my boys love it. We also have one called Scooby Doo & The Witch's Ghost and they love that one, too.

And we also have about 30,000 (give or take a few) dinosaurs around the house.

Mrs E said...

wow our boys are separated at birth it seems...
Connor LOVES dinos, Toy Story (in fact, we have the figurines!), bath toys/crayons, and... SCOOBY DOO!


Mama Hen said...

This list is so cute! We have the ladybug nightlight and love it! Have a great day!

Mama Hen