Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Vacation

We drove up to Lake George on Friday for a nice 3-day-weekend and we hit the ground running. Literally. Here's Ish tearing away from Mamma and Pop Pop at The Magic Forest park.
Ish enjoyed exploring the oddities at the park (odd to him - not so much to the rest of us - I mean who hasn't seen a 7-foot snowman before?)
There was a crooked house that made us all dizzy. I'm actually a little dizzy looking at this picture.
Ish took his first solo ride at the park. He here is right before the boat took off - he dropped the rope and was on the verge of tears for most of the ride. It was his first and last solo.
The train ride was more Ish's speed.
He was drawn to the Snow White exhibit. Something about those princesses...
We made some wishes while at the park.
And got in some good photo ops.
The park activity wore Ish out and he fell asleep (Ish style) while we walked through town that afternoon.
Once we got back to the hotel later in the day, it was pool time.
Ish is quite the little water bug.
We hit the outlets on Saturday - being the non-shopper he is, Ish entertained himself outside with his trains while I stocked up on his fall/winter clothes.
One outlet mall had a cute little ride that Ish was comforable going solo on. He kept calling Snoopy "puppy" and kissed him goodbye when the ride was over.
Saturday afternoon we hit the town again and Ish enjoyed the largest small cup of ice cream I ever saw (with sprinkles!).
We certainly packed a lot into the 3 days and Ish was worn out on the way home today.
See you next year Lake George!!!


Kayla said...

They look so cute when the sleep! Did u get a lot at the outlet? I am glad u had a good mini vacation. Hubby has surgery on Wdnesday so I will be wednesday thru Monday.

Mama Hen said...

Oh my goodness what fun! I looked into going there also. Maybe next year. The weather was beautiful this week! The pictures really captured your super vacation! Have a great night Gina!

Mama Hen

ajscd said...

What fun! Love the "puppy" ride pic. Adorable!

Loukia said...

How fun! Great pictures!

D said...

I like the Santa pic! Looks like another awesome weekend!

designHER Momma said...

Lake George looks awesome! And a crooked house? I'm intrigued.

Katie said...

How fun! And that is just about the biggest bowl of ice cream I have ever seen. Ish is getting so big...and blonder it seems.

Jennifer said...

We just missed you. We were in Lake George all last week...we left on Sat. 8/21. I saw the Magic Forest park but we did not go in. It looks cute, we might have to try it next year. I hit the outlets too...can't pass up an opportunity to shop..LOL!

Haupi said...

What a sweet little face that was at the end. I think his Pop Pop was having a better time than little Ish - Smiles. Great pictures.


Mama Hen said...

Hey Gina just stopped by to say hi! I love these pictures! You really had fun!

Mama Hen