Saturday, August 7, 2010

Post Haircut Disappointment

So you remember those cute haircut pics from Wednesday, right? Of course you do - they're still on this page and it's only Saturday! If you can't recall, or just want to see them again scroll down 2 posts. Go ahead - I'll wait.

Are you back?

Ok then - here's the rest of the story.

We promised Ish that if he was good during his haircut that we would take him to ride Bob - in the food court there are a few kiddie rides, including a Scoop and Bob ride. Well, Ish was VERY good during his haircut and he was VERY excited as we walked towards Scoop - chanting "Bob Bob Bob" along the way.
Then disaster struck. Someone had jammed the coin mechanism. Ish could not believe what his father was telling him - there would be no Bob ride today.
Crushed, Ish stroked Bob's face and made disappointing "Oh no" sounds.
It was truly one of the worst days of young Ish's life.
The day he had to say goodbye to Bob. No singing, no jerky movements from Scoop. Just a quiet goodbye and a promise that one day we'll be back and hopefully he'll be working again.


Sippy Cup Mom said...

Oh no! I'm so sad for Ish!

Shandell said...

oh that's way too sad!

HarmSkills said...

poor ish!!!

Sluiter Nation said...

Oh! Poor Ish!!! And after being such a good boy!!

Kayla said...

Oh that is so sad! Poor Ish!