Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Snapshots

Of all days to decide to wake up at 4AM, Ish chose today. The day we had a nice brunch planned and were expecting a full house at 11. We did our best to try to get him to nap beforehand, but had no luck. The best I could do was make him look cute and pray he would behave.
He seemed to be acting like his normal self. Here he is ignoring the camera as usual.
He had some buddies to play with - that seemed to keep him awake and functional for a while.
He forced all the guests to read to him. On his level of course. Thankfully our friends are good sports!
Of course there comes a time when it's just impossible to go on any longer. 4AM - 7PM with no nap is a long day.
And would you believe he is upstairs in his crib crying and fighting his sleep as I type this! I'm exhausted - why isn't he???

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Kayla said...

I feel your pain. Today was the first good nap Potato took since Thursday! I know its wrong to give them sleeping medicine....right?!?