Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting there...slowly

We're making progress in the daunting task of organizing the massive amounts of toys and books we have for Ish. It's been a slow and steady progress...

I'm really happy with the book sling from One Step Ahead - it really holds a lot of books and the drawer space is pretty generous. Plus, Ish gets a kick out of putting the books in and out of the sling.
Stackable bins from The Container Store are proving to be a good solution for some of Ish's smaller toys in the living room/family room. We also got a few stackable laundry baskets for the bigger toys as well.
I'm trying to organize toys by type - putting them together in various size bins for easy access. Makes clean-up time easier for me.
I wish I had more wall space for these Ikea units. They really are pretty neat - right now I'm using a few of them for clothes/wipes/blanket storage in Ish's room.
The bathroom is looking neater now that I've consolidated his bath toys to two nets. There are other toys under the sink that I'll rotate out as he gets bored with these.
So, all in all, it's going well. There was a time when I came down from putting him to bed and couldn't walk in the living room. And it would take me a good chuck of time to throw toys to the side/in various bins/wherever I could just to make the space livable again. Now, after playtime, I see this - which is a HUGE improvement (trust me!):
Now, who would like to volunteer to come organize my kitchen pantry??!!!


One Pork Chop said...

LOL Your kitchen pantry looks JUST like mine! I had to do a double take.

Anywho, these are really great solutions. I love the book bin. I may have to invest in one for Anna's room for sure. It's good to see it in a real house vs. an ad on their website. Did you win that one from Jen's blog give away?

Gina said...

Unfortunately no, I didn't win the sling. But, it is totally worth the investment! It really holds more than I thought it would.

There are always coupon codes for One Step Ahead at and - I HIGHLY recommend getting one!

D said...

I LOVE the book bin! So cute! And I really like the other organization bins too. I think those are things we will have to invest in very soon... now to find a place to put them.

This is ddearinger from the WM board on the Bump, just so you know :)