Saturday, April 3, 2010

Party Animal

Today was my niece Annalise's 1st birthday party. Since Ish is quite the gavone and can make a mess in less than a second, I decided not to put him in his party clothes right away. I thought it was wise to hang out in our pajamas in the morning until the last possible minute. He didn't seem to mind.

As we bummed around in the family room he realized there was a package of diapers by the stairs - mocking him, daring him to play with them. He couldn't resist.
Here he is contemplating exactly what kind of trouble he could get into with a pack of diapers.
He came up with the idea to climb the box and play horsey.
When I yelled at him he struck this innocent pose - as if that wasn't him trying to break his neck on a box of his own diapers.
After a messy lunch, we changed Ish into his party outfit. This is a rare stain-free moment.
It was a BEAUTIFUL day for a party. Ish grabbed his cars and we were off.
Once we got to the party we greeted the birthday girl (being held by Auntie Dana).
You can almost see his little mind spinning with thoughts of trouble...
There were many balloons at the party - Ish wanted them all.
If you think you can get a better picture with two squiggly toddlers, call me.
There was a clown at the party. Ish held on to daddy just in case it was an evil clown out to get him.
Ish's best bud Maryann was there. This is pretty much what she did the whole party.
Even though there were tons of kids, balloons and a clown, Ish still wanted to get in some quality play time with his cars.
It was quite an exhausting day. The only time to fall asleep was in the car, only 10 minutes from home.
Tomorrow looks like it will be another exhausting day for young Ish - the Easter Bunny stopped by tonight with treats for a very good boy.

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