Friday, April 16, 2010

Grumpy Gus

When I walk into Ish's room in the morning during the work week to get him out of bed, I usually see this.
I gently say good morning and try to coax him into waking up. He responds by curling up into a ball - as if I won't be able to see him if he does this. He lays very still and I actually catch him trying to peek up at me to see if I'm still there. I always am of course.
He then proceeds to thrash around and make a mess of his crib in protest to having to wake up. The protest continues on the changing table and doesn't end until he realizes we are going outside to get in the car.
One day in the near future he'll come running into our bedroom at an ungodly hour and want us to wake up immediately to put on cartoons and pour him a bowl of cereal . I am plotting my revenge for when this day comes...

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