Monday, September 2, 2013

Post-Op, Day 3

It's weird how accustomed to Noah's birthmark I've become. I have used it as a landing pad for kisses for the past two years. Matthew has never even mentioned it. It's always just been a part of Noah. When his dermatologist suggested now is the time to start the removal process, I was nervous of just how different he would look.

The day before his surgery I took the boys to Subway for lunch. I took this picture to send to Matt to show him how Noah was dissecting his lunch, but realized how prominent his mark really was.
Surgery day began pretty easily. To spite having to wake him at 5:45am, he was in pretty good spirits. He knew we were going to the doctor, and this doctor had a pretty wicked awesome waiting room. Complete with a TV and DVDs. We chose Shrek to entertain us while we waited for our turn to go up to the OR.
As the nurses got him prepped, he was being silly, having fun, not really knowing what was about to happen. Only one of us was allowed to take him into the waiting room, and Matt said Noah was really sweet and calm when they put him on the table. He was asleep in seconds.
About an hour later he woke up and started to throw a fit. The nurses let Matt rock him and give him some water. It was crazy to see half of his mark was gone.
After a few hours, we went home and had a "normal" day. We went to my parent's house to play with their new puppies and have dinner. Noah acted like nothing was different. On the way home he said out loud "my face hurts" - to which Matthew replied, "Hold my hand buddy, that will make you feel better". So he did. And it seemed to work.
Day 2 was pretty good too. A little swelling, still a little groggy, but eating, playing, acting totally normal.
Today, day 3, you wouldn't know this kid just underwent surgery two days before. Besides the long line of stitches on his cheek.
We see the surgeon later this week, when hopefully the stitches will come out. His skin will heal, and bounce back, and in six months we'll do it all over again. Then, nothing will remain but a scar, which will fade in time.

In the meantime, I'm putting in some serious kissing time on the other cheek.


HarmSkills said...

Glad it went well! He gorgeous either way

The Ludwigs said...

What a trooper! I can't even imagine how nerve wracking that must have been for you - I'm so glad it went smoothly.

Aunt Cool said...

I am so thrilled that everything worked out so great! He really is such a trooper! God bless him. xoxo

Masshole Mommy said...

SO happy that he made it through so well. That picture of the boys holding hands in the back seat is so sweet.

Jennifer said...

So glad to hear all went well. What was the reason the dermatologist wanted it removed? From the pics, it looks like the scarring will be minimal. Happy to see Matthew taking care of his little brother :-)

Dawn said...

So happy everything went well, but I'm going to miss that sweet birthmark of his!