Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Day At The Gardens

One of the perks from Matt's job is free passes to the NY Botanical Gardens. Every year we take advantage of that perk when the Halloween Garden is live. It's really a spectacular set up. Thousands of pumpkins (some real, some fake) in different colors, designs, and creations. 
The boys love it. Something about Halloween that gets their blood flowing. They were happy campers from the minute we got there. Made for easy picture taking.
They really loved checking out all the neat little displays.
And they loved the hands-on exhibits.
This year we discovered the puppet theatre.
The boys has a blast putting on their show.
Did I mention that we got some good pictures of these boys today??
Noah made sure that he did everything Matthew did. And looked at everything Matthew looked at. And stood everywhere Matthew stood.
Even when posing for pictures, Noah was a little mimic to big brother. The cuteness was off the charts.
I even think we did better with our self-portraits on this trip.
Not too bad if I do say so myself!
One of the activities they had set up for the kids was creating a "collection bag" for leaves and rocks and other little treasures. Matthew took this collection job seriously.
Which meant Noah did too!
Both boys loved that this pumpkin creation had Mets colors, so we just had to take a picture!
And after all the pumpkin fun, we treated ourselves to hamburgers and chips at one of the garden cafe spots.
Couldn't ask for better weather for this trip. We had so much fun that I'm thinking about making another trip to the gardens for the Christmas Train Show. If you're within driving distance of the NY Gardens, you should definitely make the trip for the Halloween Garden - you won't be disappointed!


HarmSkills said...

Wow we gotta check that out!

Masshole Mommy said...

Oh wow, looks like SO much fun!!

~Dawn~ said...

Ahh, such a cool place. My SIL is in Brooklyn, would this be close to her??

Jennifer said...

What a fun day. We have never been there...maybe that needs to be on our list for this Fall. I love that Noah wants to be just like his big precious!!

Mama Hen said...

Those burgers look yummy! What a fun pass to have! I have been wanting to go there. This looks like a great time of the year to go. I hope you are well! I finally got my computer working again. Not having one in two months was annoying! I am looking forward to visiting my favorite blogs again! Hope all is well!

Mama Hen

Autumn May Dale said...

Seem's they really enjoy playing at the garden. It is a good way of bonding too. Thanks for sharing.

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