Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Twas The Night After Christmas

We woke up Christmas morning to freshly fallen snow and a deer trio in our backyard having a yummy breakfast. Very Courier & Ives.
Matthew was up bright and early. He was excited about all his presents from Santa.
He kept saying "This was on my list! Santa brought me this from my list!"
He was genuinely excited about every single gift he received.
It was awesome to watch him tear into each gift.
Noah wasn't really interested in the unwrapping part. He enlisted daddy's help for most of it.
Matthew could turn pro if it was a sport.
Of course there were stockings full of fun stuff too.
And even though Noah didn't want to unwrap, he sure did want to play with everything.
After about seven minutes of being awake, our living room looked like this.
Both boys were quite happy with the hauls.
Noah took a liking to all of Matthew's gifts in addition to his own.
After breakfast we headed to grandma's house to continue the Christmas fun with all the cousins. Matthew was intrigued with the dress-up sets the girls got.
Noah was there for the food.
After all the good food, the good company and the good gifts, we all went to bed completely exhausted last night. And the crazies that we are, we got up early and hit some post-holiday sales today.

Now the snow is falling again and both boys are asleep. It's been a fantastic few days, and with Matt on vacation for another week there's more fun to be had. I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and that you're all ready for a great new year!


Cole said...

You got the Spiderman stunt city? I know someone whoD be VERY jealous. Also? LOL at the size of the stocking!

Masshole Mommy said...

That's a big stocking!! LOL.

So happy to hear that the boys had an awesome Christmas and I LOVE those deer in your yard. So pretty.

~Dawn~ said...

Awww...your boys are at the prime age for Christmas to be so much fun. Looks like they made a haul!!

And you made it out to catch some after Christmas SALES? I'll be doing that this weekend...hopefully all the deals aren't picked over.

Mama Hen said...

It looks like a fun Christmas my friend! We are having lots of fun in the snow! I hope you are doing great! I want to wish you and your family a very happy New Year! Have a good night!

Mama Hen

Jennifer said...

I think our living room looked just like yours about 5 minutes into opening! It is so great to see the kids faces as they open each present! Glad all went well.

mail4rosey said...

All of these are great, but the picture of your little one w/the big stocking is priceless!