Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Concert

Today was Matthew's holiday concert at school. We were out early to get Matthew to his last minute rehearsal at school. We killed time at Starbucks with Noah while we waited for show time.
Noah was actually much better than I thought he would be at the concert. He sat and watched Matthew bust a move for quite a while.
Matthew was fantastic - he sang, he danced, he waved at us, he genuinely enjoyed himself.
When Noah became restless (there are only so many Christmas carols he can tolerate at once), I brought him to the little playroom inside the daycare room. Once he saw this slide he had no interest in going back out to see Matthew.
But I was able to convince him to come back out in time for the pre-k's dance routine to Run Run Rudolph. Matthew was paired with one of the tallest girls in the class. But he held his own - and to be honest, I think it was all the much cuter because of their mis-match.
At the end, the lead teacher made sure to call out all the kids names for applause. They all felt like little rock stars.
After the concert there was a small holiday party where all the kiddos got to chow on Gogurts, bagels, cheese sticks and waffles.
I convinced Matthew to pose for a picture next to the Santa list with his name on it. He didn't quite get that I was trying to get his name in the picture as well. You might be able to make out the big M next to his head (all the kids got to write their own name on the list).
And because no post about a holiday concert would be complete without a video, here you go:

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!


Masshole Mommy said...

LOVE IT! Neither of my kids do anything like this at school, so I am wicked jealous.

~Dawn~ said...

My kids don't have holiday concerts or performances's such a bummer. So glad I get to see Matthew's tho - thanks for sharing. He looks so proud!! :)

Jennifer said...

Hey lady!! How are you?? Matthew is just too cute :-) Both boys are getting so big. Are you ready for the holidays? I feel like I was way behind this!