Friday, December 7, 2012

Status Quo

Things have been busy around here lately. Not bad busy, just busy. Lots to do with the holidays coming up.

Matthew's school is in full holiday mode. He's been coming home lately with the cutest little art projects.
Matthew himself is in full holiday mood as well. He's very into decorating, our Elf on the Shelf, holiday art projects, Christmas books, etc. He particularly likes the candy cane lights on our front path because he claims when he grabs on to them that it makes him look like The Riddler. I don't really know how that's "Christmassy", but I'm not a 4-year-old boy obsessed with super heroes.
Noah has been good about staying away from our decorations for the most part. Although the snowman at the top of our kitchen steps seems to be too tempting at times - I regularly find that poor snowman hanging on for dear life after being pushed to the edge of the top step by young Noah. This picture has nothing to do with that story, it's just a random shot of Noah and his sock hands.
This face - keeps him on the Nice List.
So, aside from the everyday stuff, and the holiday stuff added on top of that, we're still just doing our own thing.
And having fun doing it.
Happy weekend everybody!


Masshole Mommy said...

They are so cute. Don't you just love all the cute things they come home from school with this time of the year??

emily spears said...
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emily spears said...

Well, a smart and lovely child.
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