Monday, October 1, 2012

Sweet October

September flew by. School really takes up a lot of our time. Matthew is really getting into his little workbooks and special events at school, and he actually LOVES to do his homework. Gotta love the Noah photobomb in this pic.
The September field trip for the pre-K group was a trip to the local PetSmart to learn about how to take care of pets. They saw birds, fish, cats and guinea pigs, and thankfully the staff told them that they need to be a little older in order to really take care of a pet (which Matthew accepted - thank goodness, because he's been busting for a pet lately).
Noah seems to grow up 6 months for every week that goes by. He's really starting to act like a little boy now, no more baby stuff.
When we're not at school, me and the boys run our usual errands. On this particular run to BJs, DreamLites were on sale and I couldn't resist picking up one for each of them. Matthew asked for one for his birthday and every time he would see the commercial he would ask why he didn't get one. Kinda sad, so when the opportunity presented itself, I had to buy them. They are the best thing EVER. Both boys love these things - they play with them, use them at night, cuddle with them - best money I've spent on a toy in a long time.
Home life has been pretty darn good. The boys really have been getting physical with each other lately (in a playful way), so there's a lot of rough-housing and raucous laughter going on.
Of course weekends haven't been too shabby lately either. Even though we do a lot of "boring" errands and home stuff, we still have had a lot of fun.
October will bring us the boys first concert experience (The Little People are performing at the NY Botanical Gardens next weekend), our local town fall festival, Matthew's BFF Alex's birthday party, a school field trip to a local farm, Halloween celebrations, and the arrival of a new cousin. Hopefully we can keep up with it all!


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

You really do have a lot planned!

Phew to the fact he accepted the fact he needs to be a bit bigger for the pet. Saved!

~Dawn~ said...

What a cute field trip to learn about pets. I wish my kids would have went on something like this before we got our dog. He's great, but A LOT of work in the beginning.

I love the Noah photo bomb - SQUAT!

Masshole Mommy said...

Hahaha - that is an awesome photobomb, though.

Jennifer said...

So glad to hear that life has been good. Seems like we have all been so busy lately!! Love that Matthew loves school...enjoy that he wants to do his homework now. Before you know it, it will be hard and he won't want! My boys have been asking for the Dream Lites too, I guess I need to get them!