Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A concert, the town fair and some cookies

On Saturday we were able to score tickets to the event of the season...
Little People Palooza! at The New York Botanical Gardens.
Both boys lost their mind.
And when the Little People said "put on your sunglasses" (from the coveted goodie bag), both boys put on their sunglasses.
Yes, even Noah.
There was much singing and dancing.
And after the concert, we had a beautiful day to enjoy the rest of the gardens.
There's an awesome kid's garden that had a lot of Halloween events going on.
Including games and treats as you walked the paths.
There were lots of kid-friendly performances by things like skeletons, goblins, and bears. I thought Matthew would be scared, but he joined right in with them.
Of course we had to get our face painted at the bat exhibit.
After all, Matthew is Batman.
On our way out of the gardens we ran into the cast of The Little People.
Matthew was ecstatic to be in the midst of such celebrities.
Sunday brought us much cooler temps, and the local town street fair. First stop, cider donuts from a local church.
A lot of the vendors were handing out candy - nothing like a sticky lollipop at 10:30 in the morning!
There were a lot of things to see at the fair.
Including the awesome fire trucks.
There were also crafts, games, bouncy houses, and lots of stuff to eat. We brought home quite a few bags filled with goodies.
To continue the long-weekend fun, we met up with the girls for some Halloween cookie making at grandma's house.
Matthew made sure to load up his creations with as many sprinkles and chocolate chips as he could.
I tried to fool Noah into thinking that some Teddy Grahams on his tray was the same thing. He wasn't fooled.
And in the end, we got to take home a tray full of sprinkles and chocolate chips.
Not a bad weekend if I do say so myself!


Masshole Mommy said...

1. That Spiderman hat is AWESOME!! Where did you get it?

2. Why, oh why was there no such thing as Little People Palooza when my boys were so into them. They would have been on cloud nine.

Great pics!

Gina said...

We got it at a craft fair in Lake George over the summer. It was a MUST HAVE for Matthew!

~Dawn~ said...

What FUN events. :))))))

Mama Hen said...

Those cookies look delicious! That Palooza looks like fun! It looks like you have been having lots of fun! Stay warm. have a great night!

Mama Hen

Jennifer said...

Looks like both events were a great time! Wish I would have known about the Little People, my boys probably would have enjoyed that too! And can't beat cookies at Grandma;s, right? LOL!