Friday, October 5, 2012

Growing Up

Noah doesn't bother with baby or little boy toys anymore - it's all about Matthew's stuff. Smashing buttons on Matthew's Batman computer is the thrill of a lifetime lately.
And now that he has figured out how to climb onto the chairs at the kitchen table, he's able to play with all the toys I put on the table to keep them safe from his grimy little hands (there is no longer any safe place for Matthew to play on his own). Noah really seems like a big boy now. Even though he's only 17 months.
While Matthew doesn't always like his little bro touching his coveted toys, he does like to play with Noah and teach him what he knows (like drawing what he calls "Spider Man races" - which is really just a bunch of squiggly lines). Matthew really seems to like his role as big brother. I tell people he's 4 going on 35. Too grown up for his own good sometimes.
Now there's a new playmate to grow up with - this is my new nephew (and godson) Daniel. He was born on Tuesday. Tomorrow he'll be going to college. At least that's how it seems to be going lately - too much growing up happening around here!


~Dawn~ said...

Congratulations on your new nephew. He's a cutie!!

And I agree on the no more growing up!! Too bad we can't freeze time.

Masshole Mommy said...

Sigh.....I feel your pain and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it just gets worse when they get older. No joke, I buy two of everything now.

Jennifer said...

The brotherly love/hate relationship is a good thing. As much as they will fight, they will love and play together well. Noah is still little, but when he gets older you will cherish the moments when they are sitting and 'really' playing nicely :-)