Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

Nothing too exciting to report for this weekend. Pretty low-key. Which was nice. The weather has been pretty nice here for January (knock on wood!) and that's made it possible to get out more. No cabin fever here!

Saturday night my friend Julie came over for dinner before we headed out to the movies. Matthew forced her to read him every super hero book he owns.
Sunday started with an early morning Angry Birds tutorial.
The boys played nice for the most part.
I only had to intervene when Noah did his Godzilla impression on Gotham City. Noah did in fact play with his baby toys again. For a few minutes anyway.
He just can't resist the big boy toys.
And when he thinks no one is looking he savors those few minutes of freedom with a stolen toy.
One day he'll be right there in the mix with Matthew. But for now, he'll take his few minutes with the Batmobile before it's snatched out of his slimy little hands.


Mama Hen said...

So adorable! Stolen or maybe just borrowed toy. :) It can be hard to be the young one. I am the little sister and still feel like the little sister at times. I hope you are doing well my friend! Have a great day!

Mama Hen

Jennifer said...

LOL!! I love it...your narration always makes me smile.