Monday, January 16, 2012


Matthew and Noah played nicely together this weekend. Nicely in that Matthew tolerated a little more than usual from his little brother.
Until of course Noah started with his Godzilla impressions.
Then I had to intervene and distract Noah with shiny things like the cabinet handles.
Which gave Matthew all of two minutes to play in peace before El Destructo returned to the village (notice the little hand in the lower right hand corner).
But for the most part there was peace in the house.
And a little bit of harmony.
We made our weekly trip to Target (okay, we don't go EVERY week, but sometimes it sure feels like we do!). The clearance section was insane. We couldn't pass up this Chuggington racing railway for $5.98. This thing was $40 a few weeks ago!
We also saw these awesome Angry Bird pillows - but I couldn't bring myself to spend $20 on a pillow. We'll stalk these until they go in sale.
We had a lazy Sunday.
Matthew took advantage of Noah's naptimes.
And Noah took advantage of everything.
Now we're back to Monday. Matt is off, so he's entertaining the boys today. This is how I left Matthew this morning. Can you see how broken up he is that I was leaving??
1st trip to the dentist today for young Matthew. Then it's back to a busy week for all of us. Happy Monday!


Jennifer said...

Happy Monday! Looks like the boys had a fun weekend! Wishing Matthew luck on his first dentist appointment. I am sure it will be fine ;-)

Masshole Mommy said...

It's such a treat when they place nicely together isn't it?

Julie S. said...

Those Angry Birds pillows are awesome!

Magnolia Cottage said...

That's an awesome sale on the toy for your your boys. I love a good deal too! Hope your son's dentist appointment went well.


Mrs E said...

love that chuggington toy!

your boys are so cute.
and, what family isn't complete without a playtime Godzilla