Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Picking

We took a trip up to Muscoot Farm early this morning to pick out our 2011 pumpkins. Matthew has a little cold, but that didn't dampen his spirits for the trip.
Noah, as usual, was just along for the ride.
Matt tried to calmly explain the pumpkin picking process to Matthew.
Matthew wasn't interested! He just wanted to run from pumpkin to pumpkin to pumpkin.
We were able to corral him enough to take some cute pictures.
I tried to recreate our cuteness from last year.
Matthew did a good job picking out 3 pumpkins to take home.
Noah was happy to be out of his carseat for a bit.
I love this photo because I think it's funny - doesn't it look like Matt's doing shadow puppets on my jacket??!!
We loaded up our wagon with our pumpkin and farmer's market goodies.
And we headed home.
When we got home Matthew was beyond excited to decorate our new pumpkins.
He worked with Matt to get the pieces just right.
And now, Woody and Buzz stand guard at our front door.


Jenny said...

looks like ya'll had fun :) my son has his pumpkin picking field trip comin soon but we might not go and just do our own family thing.

Kayla said...

love love woody and buzz

Jennifer said...

Did you feel like there wa slim pickins' this year on the farm?? It seemed a bit sparse by us :) Love the Buzz and Woody...a super easy way to decorate pumpkins!