Sunday, October 9, 2011

Not Exactly Fall in NY

It was hot today in NY. It's been hot for the past few days - but today was August hot. And it was also the day of the town festival. We love this little fair in town. Although you would never know that my boys had any excitement for it. Could they look any more bored?
I did manage to get a good pic of Noah.
And a cute pic of Matthew too.
But for most of the afternoon, they looked like this.
Matthew got a free book from the local library. It was about robots - Matthew's latest obsession.
We did squeeze in a few vendor games.
Collected a few little goodies along the way.
And we discovered that instead of kissing babies, politicians now just sticker them.
It was a short day out. Too hot for too much fun. Tomorrow it's going to be hot too - but we'll be in the air-conditioned mall attempting to get pro pics of the boys done.

If anyone sees Mother Nature, can you tell her to send fall to NY!


Jennifer said...

This weather has me crazy!! I need fall too....the pumpkin picking in 85 degrees is not Glad you got out for a bit and good luck at the mall. Hopefully the pics come out great!

Mrs E said...

omg i went to bed on Saturday in October and woke up Sunday in August!

Kayla said...

can i have noah's nose. its just so edible!

love the sticker....not too sure if id want some weirdo kissin on my baby anyways lol

Mama Hen said...

Well you have some fall weather today my friend! :) Have a great day! I am looking forward to a hot cup of coffee. It is the perfect rainy autumn day for that.

Mama Hen