Saturday, October 22, 2011


One of the local nursery schools had a rummage sale today. Since we had no other plans for the day outside the house, we piled in the car this morning and went to check it out just for the sake of getting out for a bit. And I'm glad we did. If we didn't - I would never have found this masterpiece:

Complete with a handful of Toy Story toys.
Matthew played with this thing all day.
Even conning Matt into playing along.
I have never seen this little playset before and I was almost as stoked as Matthew when I saw it (and for only $3!). Noah was not impressed.
We also picked up this Monsters Inc. View Master (why my picture won't rotate, I can't tell you).
And our other steal of the day - the Cars train carrying case.It's the perfect little case for all Matthew's little cars.
Also made for hours of fun.
Noah and Matthew are both tucked away in bed now. It was a fun day at home. Tomorrow, the insanity of Alex's birthday party (Matthew self-proclaimed bestest friend ever) starts at 11:30!


Hannah said...

I love seeing all of your toy finds. So many fun things!

Cole said...

You are lucky we are only online friends and I don't know where you live - Ish and I seem to have similar interests and you have the BEST toys!

Kayla said...

You find the greatest things!

Jennifer said...

I am so impressed with your finds! You need to do a post on how you find everything/your tips :)

Jennifer said...

You always seem to score big when you go out to sales on the weekends. I have never even seen the Al's Toy Barn either :) I need to come shopping with you next time!