Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Short Long Weekend.

On Friday we drove up to our trusty little vacation spot - Lake George.
We stayed at our favorite hotel - The Quality Inn. Nice rooms, a heated pool, and most importantly... breakfast!
We hit the ground running - got out of the car and immediately got ourselves ready for a walk through town and a little lunch.
Noah was born to wear this hat.
Ish scammed his first souvenir of the trip at the first local store we passed by on the way to lunch. A frog stuffed with frogs. His favorite.
The baby frogs made an appearance at the lunch table.
Noah hung out with grandpa while we waited for our food.
Ish entertained grandma with his froggie silliness.
After lunch we stopped at a little arcade for some gaming fun.
Ish seemed eager to learn how to earn his tickets.
After our walk it was back to the hotel for some pool time!
Ish insisted on jumping the whole time.
Noah watched the mania from the sidelines, safe and dry with grandma.
The next morning we hit up the hotel's continental breakfast.
Then we killed some time before the amusement park opened by playing with new toys.
Noah got a little manicure while we waited.
On the way to the park we hit up a few souvenir shops in town - Noah was psyched!
Then it was time for rides and games at The Great Escape.
One of the first rides Ish insisted on was driving the antique cars. He's in there, I promise.
See, there's his little head!
Ish is the master at beating grandpa at park games.
One of his many winnings of the day.
Ish didn't want to stop riding and playing so we had to trick him into a little lunch that we told him was merely a "snack" break.
While we ate, Noah enjoyed the fuzziness of Ish's winnings.
After lunch I made Matt and grandpa play this game.
Because first prize was a walkable Scooby Doo that was just too cute.
And even better in Ish's eyes was meeting the real thing.
Matt didn't mind playing the games for Ish - he enjoys the competition. And he's good at them - which is good for Ish's stuffed animal collecting habit.
Noah is under there somewhere, 10 bucks if you can actually see him.
Thankfully there were cooling spots throughout the park. I think Matt and I enjoyed these more than Ish.
Even in the blazing sun, Ish had a blast on the rides.
His favorites were the driving rides.
He even brought along his newest backseat driver for a few of them.
Another park thrill for Ish - meeting "Franklin" (a pretty good copy if you ask me!)
Ish found him quite huggable.
After the park we went back to the hotel for a bit to cool down before hitting the town again. We made sure to hit up some nice photo spots. Like this store-front moose.
We had to stop for ice cream along the way - I mean, we HAD to. It's Lake George people!!!
Best soft serve on the east coast.
Our last stop was this little fountain for a few photos.
Noah was asleep for this one - it's such a nice picture, I'm going to have to make sure to wake up any sleeping children next year so that we can get a full family shot.Then it was time to hit the road (a day earlier than planned) so that we could greet Irene when she came through our town the next day.

And she did. Though thankfully she didn't do a whole lot of damage to us.

So even though it was a short weekend, it was a great one - we certainly made the most of our time there. And we can't wait to get back there next year!


Jennifer said...

I was thinking of you, wondering if you still went with the hurricane approaching. I am glad to see that you made it and enjoyed it as much as you always do :) I swear, we have the same Moose pic...we take it every year. And Bob's Ice Cream, gotta love it!!We have not done the Great Escape, I had always thought the kids were too young. Now I know that there is stuff for them to do. We will have to try it next year. Happy to hear that Irene didn't do much damage :)

Cole said...

Glad you got home safe, although I'm sorry you had to cut your vacation short. Ish looks so cute in that Mets hat!

Mama Hen said...

It looks like you had a great time. The pictures are wonerful! I am happy you are well after that hurricane. It was so frightening! We will not have power for a week. Just checking in! Have a good week!

Mama Hen

Mrs E said...

glad you had some nice family time

Kayla said...

Love all that quality time!