Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday's Haul

The weather was beautiful early Saturday morning, so we decided to hit up a few tag sales in the area. My goal: outdoor toys. Ish was very excited - kept asking me if there were toys at the tag sales. As if we would go to one that didn't have toys!!

Our first score of the weekend was this awesome Little Tikes outdoor playhouse. It is in good condition and the woman selling it was only asking $5! How could we not buy it for $5??!!

We also found these two cute plastic Adirondack chairs. How cute will it be when both boys are big enough to sit out on the deck together in these. For $2 a chair, I had to have them.
Ish has really been getting better at imaginative play and when I saw this set of felt animals I knew he would get a kick out of it. It includes a felt board book and a range of felt animals to go along with each scene. It's brand new and was only 50 cents. Ish loves it - keeps asking us to "play animals" with him.
Another 50 cent score was this puppy puzzle. A little advanced for Ish, but with our help he has been having fun with it.
More his speed (no pun intended) is this Cars puzzle. It's got large pieces that are pretty easy to put together. Only $1.
For $2 a piece we picked up these Backyardigan dvds. A nice change of pace for all of us.
This large metal Tonka truck was only $2. Ish gets a kick out of being able to pick things up with the front loader. Nice and sturdy for outside play.
And Ish wasn't the only one to score at the sales this weekend - Matt found this wine cooler-storage unit for only $40. He's been in the market for one for years but the cost has always been too high. So he's happy too!


Jennifer said...

I am so excited for Ish that you scored the playhouse....and for $5!! That is a steal! My boys have one and they love it. You did good this weekend :)

Mrs E said...

ooh sweet finds!!!

Mama Hen said...

It was beautiful and wow you got a lot of great deals! The first one is a real deal and great playhouse! Have a great night my friend!

Mama Hen

Heather said...

Those are some awesome finds!!!! Way to go!