Sunday, June 12, 2011

Party Time

We went to the 4th birthday party of my good friend Joanne's youngest son Joshua today. Always a good time to be had at Joanne's parties!

She has a lot of great outdoor toys - Ish took notice of the tee ball set right away. We were only at the party a few minutes when he started swinging away. He was using the wrong end of the bat before Matt intervened.
The games Joanne had set up for the kiddies revolved around a "bug hunt" - hats, nets and bug collecting jars were all provided for the little hunters.
Ish's first task was to collect baby frogs with his net. He did quite well.
Then it was time to dig in the dirt - Ish uncovered a giant red ant (of the plastic variety of course).
After that, it was time to wrangle up some butterflies with the help of daddy.
And last but not least, it was into the Mater ball pit - which was actually a snake pit, filled with multi-colored little snakes (Ish's favorite!).
He was quite proud of his bug hunting accomplishments today.
And he rewarded himself with some Doritos.
Then it was lunch time - mac and cheese, a hot dog and a juice box. Life doesn't get any better!
Noah had lunch at the party too. Complete with some belly burping action.
After lunch Ish stopped by the "Grow a bug" table to drop in his little capsule.
And of course there was cake and cookies.
Noah tried on Ish's hunting hat when he wasn't looking.
We ended our time at the party with a little fishing.
Ish cheated - but he looked cute while doing it.
And now Ish is asleep. Excited at the prospect of bringing his toy snakes to grandma's house tomorrow. I'm sure Mare Mare will be thrilled!


Cole said...

What a great looking party - the theme and all the activities were so cute! Mommy is a little jealous of all the craft creative people out there...

Jennifer said...

What a fun party!! Your friend really did alot to keep the kiddos occupied :) I love that Ish particpated in all of the events. Maybe bugs are his thing...LOL!

jmerenberg said...

Aww! Of course you took such great pics thank you :) I am so glad you all , especially Matthew Jr., had a great time it makes it all worth it.


Mama Hen said...

So cute! Birthday parties are always so much fun! The cake is my daughter's favorite part. I love the cooler weather! A couple of months ago I would not have said that. Ha! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Heather said...

What a cute birthday party theme!! I might have to steal that idea someday. Glad y'all had fun!!