Monday, June 27, 2011

The Fireman's Fair

The Fireman's Fair crept up on us quickly this year. We didn't want to miss out on the fun - we made it there on the the last day of the fair, with only a few hours to spare!

Matthew was out of his mind excited this year (a HUGE difference from his melt-downs last year). His main goal - to play games. That's all he wanted to do. And he did pretty well for himself. (With a little help of course).
He was quite proud of his winnings.
He didn't freak out about the rides this year. He was still a bit uneasy on some of them - but he hung on tight!
One of his favorite rides was Jalopy Junction - where he showed off his driving skills. He insisted on going on this ride twice.
I rode with him in the jalopy - we left Noah and daddy on the sidelines. Could Noah look any more bored??
Auntie Dana took the second spin with Matthew.
Pop Pop helped out with fishing for sharks.
Daddy joined Pop Pop and Matthew on a trip down the BIG slide.
We made time for a quick snack of Zeppoles - a fair staple.
There wasn't one game that Matthew didn't want to try.
And with a little help, he even beat daddy and Pop Pop at the water game.
Before leaving, we promised Matthew one more game.
And then it was time to go. Matthew protested and even conned us into buying him a hot dog on the way out.
And for the rest of the night - even at bath time and before we tucked him in - he asked us to take him back. And if we could have - we would!


Jennifer said...

What a great time that was had by all!! It is so awesome that you were able to spend family time together doing a something fun. I love that all the boys were on the big slide :)

Kayla said...

How sweet! I love the pictures!