Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Warrior

Ish is getting pretty handy with his tools. So much so that Matt let him "help out" on a quickie little project this weekend - hanging a small coat hook. Ish loved being allowed to hit the walls without getting yelled at.
Since Ish has little skinny arms, Matt had to do some of the finish work.
But that didn't deter Ish from his task at hand. He was happy to be part of the team.
Nail #2 was just as exciting to Ish as the first one.
Of course, he's still just 2 years old - easily distracted. Every time a car drove by he stared out the window for two minutes.
The drill work bored Ish. So he took a quick rest while Matt turned the screws.
Then it was back to hammering.
Just a few more tap tap taps...
And VOILA!! A little mini coat rack for all our important stuff.
That important stuff being Ish's jackets and my purses, of course.


Carrie with Children said...

Yay for Ish! Looks like he was a great helper! :)

Eschelle said...

what a cutie i just love your photo montage!

Jennifer said...

At least Matt knows he has a helper in the future :) The hook looks great and love the Coach bag hanging on it :)

~Dawn~ said...

Cute little helper!

Cole said...

What an excellent helper! So grown up with his hammer :)