Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cookies Cookies Cookies

We headed over to grandma's house today to make some Christmas cookies with the all the girls. Ish's best bud was there of course.
Mare Mare was there too - showing off her new standing talents.
Ish insisted on sitting next to Alex at the cookie table.
He was excited to try out all the cookie cutters and the paint brushes.
He didn't quite get the concept of painting gently, so a lot of the cookies were smooshed early on.
Annalise and Mare Mare weren't part of the cookie making action - they just hung out with Pop Pop, ate Goldfish and watched Noggin.
Alex and Ashley painted like pros.
Ish not so much.
His cookies were really just blobs of color.
And the chocolate chips meant for the cookies never made it to any of his.
A lot of sprinkles went missing too.
But in the end, he made a pretty colorful tin of cookies for Christmas.
Thank goodness that spit, drool and nose germs bake out. ;-)

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Jennifer said...

Well, looks like Ish and the girls had a great time making cookies :) They look yummy :)