Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wish List Wednesday - My Christmas List

Am I too old to write to Santa? Maybe, but who cares!

Dear Santa -

I have been good this year. Really, I have. Ask anyone. Even Ish will have to admit that I should definitely be on your nice list this year. So because I have been so nice this year, I would like the following this Christmas:

A new master bathroom please. The one I have now is slowly falling apart (I kid you not - to take a shower I need to turn on the cold water with a screwdriver). Nothing fancy - a new shower, new fixtures, maybe you could get the elves to throw on a new paint color. This tile pattern looks nice:

Also, we need a fence to keep young Ish from randomly running around the neighborhood - he's very fast and I am quite slow. As we have a big yard, this is a big job - but I have no doubt you and your helpers could get it done! This is a cute style:

That's all for this year (see how nice I am, limiting my list this year to give you a break!). Next year we'll talk about a stone patio and possibly a master bedroom upgrade (I plan on being even NICER next year!).


Ish's Mom

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