Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

This year, Ish...
learned to sit up, crawl, walk, run, climb, sleep through the night.
started taking baths in the big boy tub.
grew into his convertible car seat.
cut a lot of teeth and learned to talk.
learned how to brush his teeth and share his Goldfish (sometimes).
started eating solids.
discovered the fun of playing on his own.
developed a crush on Channel 11's Sukanya.
started giving kisses and high-fives.
finally grew some hair!

Next year, I hope Ish...
drops his paci habit.
stops fighting his naps.
stops fighting diaper changes.
takes to coloring.
gains some weight (at least get out of the 5th percentile!).

This year...
Matthew lost his job.
we re-financed our house.
we welcomed 2 new nieces.
I failed to lose the baby weight.
we baby-proofed.
we survived sleep training.

Next year I hope...
Matthew lands a full time job.
we can take one vacation with Ish and one without.
we can get a fence for our yard so Ish can play safely.
I can lose weight and get healthy.
my family remains healthy and happy.

Goodbye 2009!

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